• Put on your mask

    IDIM: Put on your Mask! – But why? *Easy as Pie*

    Dear valued colleagues, We have uploaded a new video to the playlist “Coronavirus – Explained for Children” on our YouTube Channel “Infectious Diseases in Motion”. In this episode Juliane Wurm explains in easy words and sketches, why it is so important to wear a mask. English: shorturl.at/qNOQ8 French: shorturl.at/BORS4 German: shorturl.at/crJU0 We hope you enjoy […]

  • IDIM

    Invasive Scedosporiosis and Lomentosporiosis: Epidemiology – Risk Factors – Prognosis

    Dear valued colleagues, A new video is now available on our YouTube Channel “Infectious Diseases in Motion”. Our research physician Jannik Stemler presents prognostic factors and treatment strategies of invasive infections with Scedosporium spp. and Lomentospora prolificans, emerging pathogens associated with high mortality rates. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAe9_CKtLxQ Publication: https://bit.ly/2zxywgM We hope you enjoy watching! With best […]

  • ID in motion


    Dear valued colleagues, A new video is now available on our YouTube Channel “Infectious Diseases in Motion”. Our research physician Jannik Stemler presents a diagnostic pathway to rule out COVID-19 in suspicious hospitalized patients. The pathway was developed by Dr. Jan Rybniker, Dr. Norma Jung and Dr. Henning Grüll from the University Hospital Cologne. English: […]

  • Covid19


    Dear valued colleagues, During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, hematologists and oncologists a variety of challenges. In this latest „Infectious Diseases in Motion“ video we present clinical recommendations provided by the EHA Scientific Working Group „Infections in Hematology“. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNocIvshwoc We wish you every success in managing your patients and hope to give some helpful direction. Stay […]

  • Corona

    IDIM: Corona virus – easy as pie! For kids

    Dear colleagues, For all those who want to simply explain the current COVID-19 situation to their children, we’d like to share this amazing YouTube video of medical student Juliane Wurm on our “Infectious Diseases in Motion” channel. Juliane shows in easy sketches, why nowadays everyone is talking about the corona virus, how the virus spreads […]

  • Cytokines

    IDIM: Cytokines – Immunologic Markers for Invasive Mold Infections

    Dear valued colleagues, our latest „Infectious Diseases in Motion“ video deals with the difficulty of diagnosing and monitoring invasive mold infections, particularly in patients who receive mold-active prophylaxis. Martin Hoenigl, the current President of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) and Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Diego, explains us the role […]

  • fungiscope

    New Video: „FungiScope – Introduction! Global Registry for Emerging Fungal Infections“

    Dear valued colleagues, In our latest video, we’d like to give you a brief introduction to FungiScope™, our global registry for emerging fungal infections. FungiScope™ was founded in 2003 to counteract the lack of knowledge on so-called rare fungi. To date, collaborators from 83 countries have contributed over 1100 cases to the FungiScope™ registry and […]

  • CandiReg

    New video „IDIM: ECMM – CandiReg”

    Dear valued colleagues, We are happy to announce that the Cologne ECMM Excellence Center has released a new video „IDIM: ECMM – CandiReg” on our “ID in Motion” YouTube channel. With today’s video, we would like to introduce our ECMM international Candida Registry to you. CandiReg is a ready to use platform for outbreaks and […]

  • Transdiaphragmatic Mucormycosis

    New video “Transdiaphragmatic Mucormycosis”

    Dear valued colleagues, The Cologne ECMM Excellence Center has released a new video “Transdiaphragmatic Mucormycosis” on our “ID in Motion” YouTube channel. You can also follow @CornelyOliver via Twitter, where new videos will be announced every 2 weeks. You can access the article here. Thank you all in advance. Best regards Oliver Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. […]

  • Video 6

    Neues Video „EQUAL Score Aspergillosis“

    Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen, sehr geehrte Kollegen, unser neues YouTube Video “EQUAL Score Aspergillosis” auf ID in Motion ist online! Bitte informieren Sie Ihre KollegInnen und unterstützen Sie unseren Kanal durch 3 Klicks: auf Like, Glocke und Abonnieren. Letzteres bedeutet, dass Sie informiert werden, wenn ein neues Video auf dem Kanal veröffentlicht wird. Vielen Dank und […]