Posterpreise 2022 (je Euro 250,-)

Thomas Orasch für das Poster:
„Polymeric particles and pathogenic fungi: a non-uptake delivery“

Alexander M. Aldejohann für das Poster:
„First two years of data curation by the German national candidemia surveillance network: a new insight in epidemiology and resistance“

Adela Cmokova für das Poster:
„Wild rodent serve as diversity hotspots for Arthroderma including species occasionally isolated from clinical material“

Posterpreise 2020 (je Euro 250,-)

Susann Hartung und Maria M. Rüthrich (beide Jena) für das Poster:
„Evaluation of antifungal drugs by an invasive aspergillosis
on-a-chip model“

Philipp Brandt (Jena) für das Poster:
„Comprehensive analysis of Candida albicans uncharacterized protein kinases
unravels novel function“

Posterpreise 2019 (je Euro 250,–)

Postersession I – Klinische Mykologie & Epidemiologie
First description of invasive infection with Candida sorbosivorans in Europe.
Raphael Stauf (vormals Seufert), Nürnberg

Postersession II – Grundlagen, Immunologie und molekulare Mykologie
„Invasive aspergillosis on-a-chip“ – a novel disease model to study Aspergillus fumigatus infection in the human lung
Maria Madeleine Rüthrich, Jena

Postersession IV – Diagnostik und Antimykotika-Resistenz
Differential inhibitory effects on CYP3A activity by six azole fungistatic drugs.
Brit Silja Rohr, Heidelberg

Hans-Rieth-Posterpreis (Euro 500,–)

Postersession III – Dermatologische Mykologie
Synergistic effect of amorolfine and terbinafine in vitro
Schafiq Nabhani, Düsseldorf

Posterpreise 2018 (je Euro 250,–)

1. Posterpreis
Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines In-vitro-Hautinfektionsmodells für den zoophilen Dermatophyten Trichophyton benhamiae
Christina Baumbach, Leipzig

2. Posterpreis
Species and resistance profiles in samples submitted to the National Reference Centre for Invasive Fungal Infections (NRZMyk) in 2017
Grit Walther, Jena

3. Posterpreis
Dimorphism in the genus Mucor – Does it play a role in virulence?
Lysett Wagner, Jena

4. Posterpreis (HOROS)
Iron sensing is governed by mitochondrial, but not by cytosolic iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis in Aspergillus fumigatus
Matthias Misslinger, Innsbruck

The monothiol glutaredoxin GrxD interacts with the iron regulator HapX and CmtA, a protein with yet unknown function, in Aspergillus fumigatus
Mareike Scheven, Jena

5. Hans-Rieth-Posterpreis (Euro 500,–)
Siderophore-mediated diagnosis of invasive Aspergillosis in urine samples
Thomas Orasch, Innsbruck

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